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Christian Answers has this to say – which I appreciate very much:

  1. 6. A “Cataclysm,” Not a Mere Flood. Both Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) use words to describe Noah’s flood which are different than the ordinary words for flood. In this way, Noah’s flood was represented as a totally unique occurrence. [Hebrew: “Mabbool” / Greek: “Kataklusmos” (cataclysm)].



Bible says the water lifted the ark and it floated high above the earth. The water reached fifteen cubits over the mountains and covered them. The water rose for 150 days, it started to rain on the 17th day of the second month – which was Marcheshvan if the Flood started in the Autumn, as some claim, but Iyar if it began in springtime, which I suppose, for fresh olive leaves have their time in spring, Or?

So, Bible tells us, the ports of heaven opened and the sources of the deep oceans burst through, and it rained for 40 days and 40 nights, and the water rose for 150 days, that is for 5 months with 30 days in each. When reaching 15 cubits over the highest mountains, Noah noted the keel of the ark suddenly scraping against rock – it could also have been plowing into earth, softened by mud after the rain. He had reached Ararat. Or the Ararat Mountains – it’s a whole range.

Now, there is this slight little problem. The stranding of the Ark meant that the Water had begun to subside. The 17th of the Seventh month was indeed the 150th day of the Flood -It did not last for 40 days and 40 nights, that is a special number the Bible often uses to signify any longtime events – it lasted for 375 days, in fact, this is revealed in the Flood text itself. So Bible seem to contradict itself in the same chapter – Genesis 7 – by saying the Flood lasted both 40 days and 40 nights AND at the same time lasted 375 days, which is the figure you get when analysing the time facts. Don’t despair! God might have had a purpose for letting the Bible copyists write thus!

Jewish Month Approximate Secular Date This Month’s Special Dates
Nissan /Aviv March–April Passover
Iyar April–May Lag B’Omer
Sivan May–June Shavuot–>Pingst
Tammuz June–July
Menachem Av July–August Tisha B’Av
Elul August–September
Tishrei September–October The High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah andYom Kippur), Sukkot, Shmini Atzeret, andSimchat Torah
Marcheshvan October–November
Kislev November–December Chanukah
Tevet December–January Conclusion of Chanukah
Shevat January–February Tu B’Shvat
Adar February–March Purim

The 17th of Tishri, on the 150 day, the water started to sink, to be sucked up in the ground, and this same day Noah’s Ark grounded.

Devoted person calculates thus: giving the Arks height measurement, 30 cubits,  plus water’s height over bed rock of Ararat being 15 cubits, must mean the Ark, when stranding, must have lay 15 cubits down against the ground. And fiftheen cubits of the ark must have been above water level. Great!

If it were this easy! In fact, the mount Ararat itself, the highest peak in the range of Ararat, is approximately 5165 meters high above sea level (Wikipedia). Approx:ly because of the snow on the top, which can melt down a few metres or add some meters extra. Bible again: Waters rose and covered the highest mountains by 15 cubits. So, 15 cubits above Mt. Ararat. What then?

Just one hint: the Ararat range is far from the highest mountains on Earth, we all know that honor belongs to Himalaya and the highest peak – counted from sea level – would be Mt. Everest standing at an height of ca 8848 metres above sea level. So an approximate height difference Mt. Everest minus Mt. Ararat would be circa 3683 metres!

So, were the Flood of a global scale, which is claimed by Christian Answers, who presents us with a number of Bible textual arguments to proof the Flood was Global. Read about Christian Answers here! And, of course, their arguments to why the flood was global. Click on Answer!

  • ”Does the Bible claim that the Flood of Noah covered the entire Earth? Answer
    Could Noah’s Flood have been a large, but localized flood? Learn nine Biblical evidences that the flood was global.”
Does the Bible really claim that the Flood covered the ENTIRE Earth?

Summary of Christian to this question:

  1. The tops of all the high mountains under the entire heavens were at least 20 feet beneath the waters surface (Genesis 7:19-20). Mountains of Middle East, they say, rested there for five months. (Genesis 7:18-24, 8:1-5). Must have affected the whole world.

Well, but ”under the entire heaven” means not Ararat but Mt. Everest and Himalaya!

  1. If  flood were not global, Ark would be smaller.
  2. If flood not global, God could send them somewhere safer.
  3. God warned Noah about the Flood 120 years prior to its start.

As he would not have done, were the Flood not global !Well, am not sure this is the correct interpreation of Gen. …… !

Well, am not sure this is the correct interpreation of Gen. …… !

   4. Ark big enough to house pairs of every land animal. (including birds.)…,

Have read it was as big as two football grounds. Would two football grounds be  big enough? And do they count in the three floors? Besides, there was seven pairs of every religiously clean animals, the one pair animals were the unclean ones! Noah needed those extra pairs for sacrificing to the Lord after the Flood!


…..5..Humans Populated the Entire World. Not just Mesopotamia.

…..6. —  Violence and corruption filled the Earth (Genesis 6:11-12). Yes, that’s the reason for God unleashing the Flood in the first place!

…..7. —-All Humans, All Air-Breathing, Land Animals Were Killed. The Bible clearly teaches that all flesh died…every man (Genesis 7:21). Genesis 9:1 except those taken into the ark (Genesis 7:21) – “everything on Earth” (Genesis 6:17) – ”all living creatures of every kind on the Earth” (Genesis 9:16).The Whole Earth Was Devastated. God said, ”I am surely going to destroy both them (the people) and the Earth” (Genesis 6:13b). The global extent of the Flood is referred to more than 30 times in Genesis 6-9 alone! In Isaiah 54:9, God states, ”I swore that the waters of Noah would never again cover the Earth.”

Peter delivered a clear global warning, confirming that God created the Earth, devastated it by the Flood, and will one day destroy it again by fire (2 Peter 3:5-7). Peter certainly did not mean that just a local area on Earth would be burned. Just as the Flood was global, so will be the final judgment.

….8. If only those animals in a specific geographic location died, it would seem unnecessary for God to protect pairs in the ark for the express purpose of preventing their extinction.

Christian Answers has a point there!

…..9. God’s Rainbow Promise. God promised never again to send a global flood (Genesis 8:21, 9:8-17). 

Which, of course, He did not have to do, were the Flood not global!  Says Christian Answers:”Local floods have repeatedly killed hundreds and even thousands of humans and animals since Noah’s time.”

  • Why Stay in the Ark a Year?! Noah was in the ark for more than a year, not just 40 days (Genesis 8:14). 53 weeks is absurdly long to stay in the ark for a local flood. When waters had been sinking 4 months, the dove could still find no suitable ground (Genesis 8:9). This does not seem to fit the circumstances for a local flood in which the dove could fly to dry land.
  1. A “Cataclysm,” Not a Mere Flood. Both Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) use words to describe Noah’s flood which are different than the ordinary words for flood. In this way, Noah’s flood was represented as a totally unique occurrence. [Hebrew: “Mabbool” / Greek: “Kataklusmos” (cataclysm)].

The Bible specifically teaches that the Flood of Noah’s time was global in extent and that all air-breathing, land animals and all humans were killed, except those saved in the Ark. How could the Bible be any more clear concerning the global nature of the Flood?! Or, if this was actually a local flood, how could the Bible have been any more misleading about its extent?!

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Authors: Mark Van Bebber and Paul S. Taylor of Films for Christ


Now, when Noah bumped in the side of Mt. Ararat, on the 17th of the Seventh month, that is Aviv/Nissan, if Flood started in Autumn, Tishri, if in Spring. Remember the clever fellow who  draw the conclusion that half the Ark was under water, the keel scraping the ground, and the top half, 7.5 cubits reaching for heaven. 

Besides, this also is interesting. Remember the creation process God works through in Genesis 1. His Spirit hoovering over the waters of the deep covering the Earth newly born out of His hands. There is no arch of sky though. So God decides to place such a vault in the middle of that vast watery depth. To separate the waters under the sky from those above the sky! So, the space between surface of the earth up to the sky itself were entirely filled with water!! Can you imagine! Fish swimming among the clouds! Only, God had not created Fish yet! But if! 

Why do I write about this? Because there is a possibility that the Flood rising to ”covering also the highest mountain by 15 cubits” were a way to de-create the world, a reversal of the creation process itself! This is very well described by…………….. .

It would have been so, IF Mt. Ararat really was heighest among the worlds mountains. But, Mt. Everest is! And there are lots of mountains scattered over the Earth that are of mightier altitude than Mt. Ararat in eastern Turkey. 

This should bring on some logical stress. Several problems occur!  Let’s continue by discarding the theory about how much of the ark was visible above water level altogether! And there will also be a problem with following: the seventeenth day of the seventh month four things happened: 1. Ark on ground at Mt. Ararat. 2.Water reached highest altitude . 3. Water stopped rising. 4. Water started to submerge and sink away.

So what? It’s the sinking away of the waters that I’m talking about. The sinking away took from 17th in 2nd month to 1st in 10th month, which is Tammuz (midsummer), if in Autumn, Tevet (midwinter)if in Spring. Meaning it took about 2 months and 12 days from the stranding till the mountain top became visible! For Bible states that on 1st day 10th month, the folk on the Ark saw mountains sticking up from the waters for the first time since Flood began. 

Bible says Noah dwelled at Ararat awaiting the waters’ disappearing from Earth. Bible says nothing of how high up on the Ararat the Ark had stranded. But we can compare Mt. Ararat to the second highest peak in the range to begin to come up with an answer.  Mt. Ararat is …………..m above sea. ………………… m. above sea. Somewhere between these numbers, the Ark must have stranded.

Knowing the approximate difference between the highest and second highest peaks in the Ararat mountains, we can also calculate how speedily the waters sank away! Has anybody done that before?Who will come up with an answer? This is awesome!

Are we through? Not yet. Because it does’nt matter a bit that Noah stranded the Ark on Ararat mount, and neither matters it how quick the waters receeded, becuase where we should originate is not Mt. Ararat at all, but Mt. Everest! Standing thousands of metres taller than Mt. Ararat, all that amount of water would have been receeded BEFORE Noah could ground the Ark on Ararat! The waters would, accordingly, have sunk several kilometres BEFORE the 17th day of 7th month, which the Bible states was definitely the day of the grounding and the turning point of the whole Flood!

There could be a solution. This is that Himalaya and Andes etc. was not covered by water. Maybe God had one of Heaven’s water slusses exactly above Mt. Everest’s peak and equally above other mountains the Bible writers didn’t know of. Maybe he let the waters flow along the sloops of these mountains until the oceans were so lifted up as to reach 15 cubits above Mt. Ararat. Otherwise, the …..of water is that it’s surface is even. There can be waves all right, but the medium horisontal line is even. So, were the water level REALLY 15 cubits above ”even the highest mountains”, this would apply to Mt. Everest. The water level would lie 88 … plus 15 cutbits evenly, all over the Globe. This would please those who absolutely think the Flood were global.

Be not afraid of questioning when reading the Bible. Risk of loosing faith, but also chances to dig deeper into faith!

Now, this is how I think. The more analyzing, the deeper the faith!




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