Who was the Pharao that ordered the slaying of Hebrew Boys?

Here’s one theory mediated by a video on Youtube.

Please, ignore that this video is published on a site

denouncing the Bible. The video itself is Christian.


Must say, though, I do not buy their suggestions of among

other things, the birth year of Moses.

As the birth year of Moses is not at all stated as a fact.

There are several other theories about this.


Quoting the speaker on the video:

”Why does the Bible omit the names of the pharaoh’s princess

daughter and the pharao?

Their historical identity can be found

by comparing the dates in avance of the Bible story,

with factual Egyptian history.

Bible researchers have calculated the birth of Moses

to about 1520 BC.

W   h   i   c   h      r  e   s   e   a   r   c   h   e   r    s   ????????

The ruling pharaoh of Egypt at that time

was Thutmoses the First

and his princess daughter was Hatschepsut

Egyptian history verifies that princess Hatschepsut

married her brother named Thutmoses the Second.

But when Hatschepsut couldn’t produce

a male heir to the throne,

her royal husband chose a non-royal mistress named Isis,

to produce a male heir, and named their son

Thutmosis the Third.

Hatschepsut raised the boy as her own son,

even though Isis (not the goddess Isis) was his real

birth mother.

The Bible story of Moses closely matches the

Egyptian story of Thutmoses the third.

Even the names Thutmoses and Moses

are almost identical.

Moses: 1527-1407 BC

Thutmoses III 1479-1425 BC — look, they are not even close!

(Though moses or mes in Egyptian meant ”son of”

Hebrew Moshe has to do with the fact he was

drawn up from the water.

So the names are NOT the same although

they sound similar)


In the Bible story, Moses gives up his bigchange 

to be the richest, most powerful ruler in the Ancient world

to become a lowly poverty-stricken Hebrew ruler.

But wouldn’t becoming a ruler of Egypt and Canaan

have been the most intelligent way to help his 

fellow Hebrews?

The historical facts show that was exactly the thing

Thutmoses III did.

Once he grew up to become pharaoh of Egypt,

Thutmoses organized military campaigns

with his mighty armies and chariots 

and defeated the enemies of the Hebrew Hyksos,==??

who had settled in Canaan.





After his famous  battle of Megiddo in Canaan

in 1479 BC, Thutmoses installed District Governors

in garrison cities throughout Canaan.

Did Thutmoses choose his District Governors

from the Twelve Hebrew Tribes named in the Bible?


Is it just a coincidence that today’s Temple of Isis,

located on the isle of  Philae in Egypt, 

has the same name as Thutmose’s Mother?


(Any proof that the story of mistress Isis is

at all true?)




















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