Translation Reviews: ESV English Standard Version

Not so good a translation, to judge from these google matches:

The Truth About the English Standard Version (ESV)

“The ESV is, I believe, the most accurate English translation of the Bible ever completed. I rely on it myself for classroom study, for my own devotional reading, …

Can We Trust the ESV Bible Translation? | GARBC Baptist ……/can-we-trust-the-esvbibletra

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1 maj 2009 – The ESV is not a new, “made from scratch” translation, but is the newest revision of a line of translations that …. It is accurate and readable.

English Standard Version – Bible Research

The English Standard Version (ESV), announced in February by Crossway Books …… In 1 Corinthians 10:11 the ESV revisers give a more accurate translation of …

The Damnable English Standard Version – Jesus is Savior

The English Standard Version (hereafter referred to as the ESV) is deadly and … literalBible translation that combines word-for-word precision and accuracy …

Why I Changed From KJV to ESV – Christian Blogs …

21 juli 2011 – It was a KJV study Bible with bonded red leather. … and closer to the original letter the more accurate the translation would become – but that is …

Translation Comparison Charts

KJV King James Version (1611; significantly revised 1769) ….. KJV as a benchmark, while working to produce an accurate and modern word-for-word translation.

NET, NIV, ESV: A Brief Historical Comparison |…/net-niv-esv-brief-historical-com…

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9 sep. 2008 – What I need to know is which version, the NIV or the ESV, has the best … historic objectives of English Bible translation: accuracy, readability, …

translation philosophy – New American Standard Bible vs ……/new-american…

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4 dec. 2011 – I’ve read that both the NASB and ESV versions are ”formal, … Does onetranslation balance accuracy and readability better than the other?

The English Standard Version : Christian Courier

Each time a translation is produced there is the hope that it will be the perfect one. … Another of the strengths of the ESV is the clarity and accuracy which many …

Doubting Out Loud – Why the ESV? | PCBC Blog

5 sep. 2013 – Why our preaching team uses the English Standard Version (ESV) … TheESV combines accuracy with the original manuscripts with excellent …





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