Video: King James Bible Exposed?

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Publicerades den 14 apr. 2012
This is a short bible study diving into the differences between the KJV and the ”New Age” bible versions. It is not extensive nor exhaustive but does give enough information to help give a critical analysis using the plain texts found in scripture.




Fountain of Israel

 I just want to grab the audience attention. If you notice the title is actually a question. It is because I have seen some videos bashing or ”exposing” the KJV. No deception is intended.

Richard Thornton

+Gary Carman kjv things only bvecame an issue as we get closer to the end,and if u listen to this chap hes empty

Richard Thornton

please do not not fall for satans ditch efforts to take away our lords divinity

jon hartman

good video except for one thing, PLEASE QUIT SAYING REVELATIONS. it’s not revelation(s) it’s revelation. singular. other than that, great video

Fountain of Israel

+jon hartman Fair enough, my wife gets on me about that. Shalom!


the KJV IS God’s perfect word in English


+TheEdduff Educate yourself!


+guillelainez  Thanks for your silly comment.  The KJ V of God’s word is all THE EDUCATION ANYONE NEEDS.

Rush Ron

Not saying the KJV is perfect because nothing translated by man can be perfect, not when its the size of the Bible and you’re translating from one or more languages into another, BUT the KJV is a fine fine version which has served Christians well for 400+ years.

Daniel Clarke

Teaching contents good …but please change the into music.


Fountain of Israel??? Which Israel???

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+Fountain of Israel Don’t feed the internet troll.


”Bible” study??? What is a/the Bible? Which Bible? BAFS

Mike Sampat

Great video! Lots of good information. Thanks! God bless!

Wigwam dot57

The KJV is an abomination to Almighty God. Just another sign of the end times. The ”Abomination that Causes Desolation” mentioned in Daniel 9:27, 11:31, 12:11 and also by Jesus in Matthew 24:15 & Mark 13:14 ; the KJV promoting ”desolation” of the true Christian faith by distorting & twisting the truth of the Hebrew and Greek documents. Like Jesus said, ”Standing in the place it does not belong”. Those who truly love God must denounce this awful version !!

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+Wigwam dot57 I notice you don’t recommend any version. Should every Christian learn Hebrew and Greek. There are more than 7,000 languages, but ENGLISH is now the Universal language! The A.V. (King James) has brought more people to Christ in the last 400+ years than the so-called ‘original’ Greek’ (a DEAD language) has plus all of the 200+ new versions have COMBINED! All of the new versions are nothing but PERversions!

jon hartman

One more thing, compare John 7 : 8-10 kjv with the modern versions. The modern versions made Jesus lie


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